Auto Dealership Cleaning 

When your next client pulls into your car dealership, you need to be able to “wow” them. From the smell of a new leather interior to a freshly cleaned car with shining black tires and gleaming trim, everything must be just-so to make the right impression.

Anytime someone walks through the doors of your showroom, they should be able to enjoy the pristine appearance of a brand new car; they want a dazzling experience, plenty of beautiful cars, and a sleek showroom to match.

But if your dealership doesn’t live up to these expectations, they may turn around and walk right back out those doors. Smudged windows and doors, dirty floors, and a tired, dingy waiting area aren’t the impressions you want to give when someone is about to invest in their next vehicle. Your car dealership needs to be customer-ready at all times.

The solution? Regularly-scheduled car dealership cleaning services, executed by a team of professionals who are committed to meticulous work that leaves your showroom sparkling. At Sterile Team, we’re passionate about providing our clients with a world-class level of clean at every visit so you can put your best foot forward each day.

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Customized Dealership Cleaning Services in South Florida

Your dealership isn’t like any other in the South Florida area. To stay competitive in such a hot market, you need your auto dealership cleaning services catered to your specific location to set yourself apart.

At Sterile Team, we listen closely to your needs and concerns, then evaluate your facilities to come up with a cleaning plan that’s completely personalized to you. With a background in healthcare and a constant focus on maintaining a clean, sterile medical environment, we’ll employ cleaning techniques that will leave your showroom looking cleaner than it ever has before, so you can impress visitors who come in looking to be impressed by your vehicles and your dealership.

Professional, High-Caliber Services for Your Showroom

While our car showroom cleaning services can be tailored to you, we do have a baseline for keeping your dealership clean—certain tasks that are performed at every visit to ensure your facility always looks its best. 

We always begin in your showroom, caring for the floors, walls, windows, doors, and anywhere else where dust, dirt, or fingerprint smudges can accumulate. Then we work our way into your facility’s waiting areas, offices, the employee break room, and restrooms for a total clean throughout your entire building.

What kinds of tasks do we include in our custom car dealership cleaning service?

Whatever cleaning services your building calls for, we’ve got you covered with our first-rate care and attention to detail.

Commercial Disinfection Services for Your Auto Dealership

Sometimes, you need a higher level of clean to keep your building safe. Think about it: Countless people wander through your showroom each week checking out the latest models you have to offer. And with them, germs can wander in too. 

Sterile Team offers premier disinfecting cleaning services to keep germs and other bacteria at bay in your car dealership. We have two levels of disinfection to keep you ahead of the spread:

When everyday car dealership cleaning isn’t enough, we’re here for you with expert attention to detail. All of our cleaning technicians are trained and certified in the proper disinfecting procedures to ensure you have the safest space possible. 

A Car Showroom Cleaning Service You Can Trust

At Sterile Team, all of our services are designed around one central theme: top-of-the-line, hygienic cleaning; everywhere. When you need high-caliber commercial cleaning services or janitorial services for your dealership, we’re here for you.

Regular auto dealership cleaning can be a major asset to your business. With polished floors, glistening windows, and a spotless showroom, there’s no limit to what you can do. Our car showroom cleaning services paired with your exceptional customer care can make for a truly winning combination. 

Our process, products, and cleaning tools are what set us apart. Don’t compromise with lesser cleaning services. Experience the Sterile Team difference for yourself. Get a free quote today!

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