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Running a business takes time and money—which means those are both things you don’t have time to waste. 

You need a janitorial service you can trust to make your business stand out among others in Southern Florida. This janitorial service needs to be professional, efficient and within budget. 

The janitorial service of Sterile Team is the perfect solution for you. 

A Full-Scale Janitorial Service

Sterile Team provides commercial cleaning and janitorial services to businesses in South Florida. We offer regular daily/weekly cleaning and full-time porter services as well as electrostatic disinfecting. 

Our janitorial cleaning services are full scale, meaning we are your one-stop shop when it comes to janitorial services. Not only that, but our cleaning plans are completely customizable so you can create a cleaning plan that is perfect for your business. 

janitorial service

Our professional janitorial services include: 

Janitorial Services You Can Trust

Other janitorial companies in South Florida may be able to provide your business with a cleaning service, but they won’t be able to provide you the kind of superior janitorial service Sterile Team can. 

Our mission is to do three things for every business we work with: 

  1. Keep your workplace clean: No matter how often we come to clean your space, whether that be daily or weekly, we always will make sure every corner of your space is clean. We take all the time we need to make sure we’ve completed the job to the best of our abilities. 
  2. Utilize superior products: We use the most effective products, equipment and methods to clean your business. Our vacuums exceed HEPA standards, we only use EPA-approved cleaning solutions, and our disinfection services are hospital grade and above. Those are just a few examples of how we are superior in our service. 
  3. Hire good people: All of our cleaners are screened, background checked, bonded, insured and trained to ensure they meet our high standards. We never hire people who aren’t willing to put in the work to care for another’s business like their own. 

Comprehensive Service Area

Sterile Team is proud to provide our premier commercial cleaning service to a wide range of areas in Southern Florida. Those areas include: 

Even if your business doesn’t necessarily fall into one of these areas, Sterile Team still is willing to have a conversation with you about the possibilities of service we could provide you. 

Southern Florida’s Premier Janitorial Cleaning Service

At the end of the day, it’s quite simple. We’re the best in the business. 

We provide a cleaning service to businesses in Southern Florida that makes them feel like they can impress anyone who comes through their doors and keep everyone safe. 

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level of cleanliness and professionalism, it’s time to reach out to Sterile Team today to request a free quote. You won’t regret it, and your customers and employees will thank you. 

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