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Each week, the employees in your office building spend 40 hours—and sometimes more—hard at work at their desks. They’re counting on this space to be the best place to come up with innovative ideas, collaborate well with coworkers and reach peak productivity.

Your office building should be welcoming; it should foster an efficient work environment. Your office needs to make the right first impression for guests, clients and customers. And you need an office that fosters a healthy workspace for all your tenants. 

The solution? A commercial office cleaning service that offers an extensive cleaning regimen at each visit.

At Sterile Team, we understand the need for a pristinely cleaned work environment. It speaks to your professionalism as an office building manager and makes work easier for the people in your building. Sterile Team also has a major emphasis on cleaning for health, on ensuring that at every visit, we’re safeguarding your office and making it a healthy place to be.

The Premier Office Cleaning Company in South Florida

Our office cleaning services are always catered to your specific needs. We listen closely to what you need as an office manager and design a cleaning plan around your concerns and our professional knowledge and eye for detail. This way, you get a fully customized commercial office cleaning that accounts for all of your needs both large and small.

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What sorts of tasks are included in our office cleaning services?

Perhaps you need regular janitorial services or less-frequent visits from our team of trained cleaning technicians. Either way? Our professional office cleaning service revolves around your unique needs. 

Disinfection Services to Keep Your Office Running

Offices can be dirty places. Germs spread through a shared workspace like wildfire, and without proper cleaning services, your office might be contributing to the spread of illness. 

At Sterile Team, your health matters to us. We always employ health-centered cleaning techniques to protect your office from viruses and bacteria, which comes from our background in the medical field. But when illness in your office calls for a deeper level of clean, it’s time for our disinfection services.

We offer you two levels of disinfection, both of which are engineered to mitigate the spread of disease as much as possible in your office building:

Each one of our team members goes through thorough training and several certifications to provide the highest level of medical-grade disinfection possible.

First-Rate Office Cleaning Services

At Sterile Team, our work is focused on one central conceit: exceptional, medical-grade cleaning services every single time. 

We’re not shy about the fact that our high standards are unmatched by other office cleaning services in South Florida; it’s what keeps your office running in peak condition even when you’re worried about germs.

When you choose Sterile Team for your commercial cleaning services, you get three things:

Recurring office cleanings can make a huge difference in how your office building operates. Our cleaning technicians will ensure that your windows are crystal clear; your break room is spotless; your restrooms are clean, sanitized and fully restocked; your floors are pristine; and your high-touch surfaces are disinfected. 

And when your whole office is cleaned to such lofty standards, your tenants will notice and appreciate the difference.

Our process, products and tools set us apart from the competition. It’s time you experienced the Sterile Team cleaning difference for yourself and take an important step toward a clean, healthy office work environment. 

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